smallwaves played its last show with the singer and bass player Saturday night.  I'm still very angry about the whole thing.  both people love the music and performing and are leaving for selfish reasons.  whatever they decide to do on their own after this will never be as good as what they did with smallwaves, and that is a fact.  we will start the audition process again this weekend.  I hate that part of being in a band.  ugh.

in AFC news, I picked the Christmas song I want to do, will probably record that this week while the wife is out of town.  "let it snow", I've messed around with a few versions that I like, it will be much like my other Christmas songs, different.

also have 2 new tunes that I'm going to work into RPM 2k18.  I think I may also rework the 5 songs I wrote a few years back on Casio Keyboards, they're just sitting there collecting dust, and will take off the stress of having to write a ton of new songs and also leave me with more time to...

and the Minoa2 musical project is laying on the beach like a stranded whale, I guess I should have picked an easier thing for the group to work on, but also thus far the "group" is just 3 people.  it sure sounded like a great idea when I wrote it out, but it sure turned into a clusterfux.  it's not getting done this year, but I have enough ideas to make sure that I can work to getting it done early 2018.

and that's all she wrote kids.  see you soon.