In case anyone is interested, here are lyrics to a couple of songs. I'll post the others later. Probably.



I'll be back to make it right,

For now let it lie;

The sand in the snow gives me a grip.

I've been the fool, it's time to grow,

A man by degree;

A flicker of the light is all I need.


When I'm gone, you'll be out there,

Holding your finger in the wind,

And the road we're on will bring us home again.


"Don't talk about the past" she said,

"This present is enough; float with the tide and let it be."

I'll give a glass, you fill it up,

my thirst is a need;

Water take this poison out of me.



"As my lies go, I would say I've grown"

"Lies are leaving lovers all alone. And every time we slow,

something's bound to get us. Oh, I know you; now I know you more.

There's something about that writing on the wall."

"We'll divide it up and take it all."

"The spoils of the moment."


You fooled me once,

And caught me in the corner with the ruse of a lover's call.

Hymns we knew;

The rising of the chorus was the bruise in a lover's brawl.


"Where our lies go, have you ever been?"

"It's getting old to talk about these things."

"But everything we need can't be found in silence."

"Have you been out? There are lions on the lawn.

Throw your lies and hope they run away."

"So we were never more than lion's prey?"

"The spoils of the moment."



Long days, and they were getting longer when I saw your face.

All my life I've been painting poison on my skin.


So I drove all night just to see you,

Chasing lines from the middle of a song,

And I'll find you like the water finds a well.


All I know is the light won't hold for long.


Long days, and they were getting longer but the sun wouldn't shine.

Don't go - I've been humming lies like they're a song.



Come on in it's nice to meet

Someone else who's just like me,

The world is ending, see the sign?

It's your priorities or mine.


Now others sleep where we once fought;

Where Tommy charged and Jerry shot.

I heard you moved I heard you grew;

I could use someone like you.


Light me a fire when the lights go out,

And I will rest with you once more.


Simple soldiers as you were,

The fog can make your vision blurred.

We shoot to kill or not at all;

Friendly fire will be our fall.



Feel me now, and be a liar,

Don't you hide your face from me,

Soon the pills will all expire,

Give me love, or let me be.


You came in strong,

I came in stronger,

With lies we live, with lies we play,

You gotta go, I'm getting tired,

We'll get the story right one day.


What I told them I can;t live with,

What I told them just ain't right,

They bought it all, so why am I hiding?

It's getting cold, please give me light.


In Mercy we revel.

Lies on the stove.

Burning to ashes again,

Never more to show.



Keep it calm, they won't suspect you've taken anything.

Just put the answers down and walk away.

I'll deal with my anxiety, I'll deal with fighting back,

But I could never take a punch like you.


It's on the rising wind, there I'll be with you again.

On the rising wind, there I'll be with you my friend.


I covered up what I got wrong, I sanded and I primed.

You'll have to dig to find that flaw again.

If I throw all my hope away, if all my hope is gone,

Can I dig to find that hope again?