Why do I always do this to myself?  Every friggin' year it's the same thing.  I get to Valentine's Day and if I'm not mixing I start to lose my freakin' mind.

Want to venture a guess how many times I've been in mixing mode by Valentine's Day?  I've managed to finish RPM (and FAWM) on time every year since 2012, and the four years before that were failed attempts.  So this is my 11th attempt.  How many times was I mixing by February 14th.  The answer?  NONE!  NEVER!  NOT ONE TIME!

Yet here I sit in freak out city, paranoid as can be that I'm not going to finish on time.  I've got 14 songs in the works and 13 have the full rhythm section already recorded.  

Why can't I relax?  Why can't I calm down?  I've got this.  Hell, I'm probably working faster this year than most past years.  Why can't I just get over myself?


(on a side note, I have a Google document where I write down ideas for lyrics and song titles and anything that comes to mind that isn't specifically music.  Unnecessary Freak Out is getting added to that doc.)